The vision is to that the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education is to perform the leadership role it is currently undertaking and I want to see in the future that it continues to provide education that is of very high quality in order to churn out graduates at the basic and secondary levels of education that will become very strong members of society. Do not make any mistake; our level is the lower level of the education system, but it provides the foundation for the tertiary institutions. I want to see the Ministry being able to provide a very solid foundation so that we have a society filled with intellectuals equipped with the required skills for development in The Gambia



It has been several years since the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education started sharing, with the general public, key policy documents with a view to creating a broad based participation in the delivery of educational services. During this period, the electronic media, notably, the Television and Radio were the main avenues used for the dissemination of this information.
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